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Group of instrument-making companies "Energy-Source" Itek BBMV " is a developer and manufacturer of instrumentation and automation (Instrumentation) for oil refining, gas, energy and other industries. MORE DETAILED ...

  • Science does not come down to the sum of the facts, as the building is not reduced to a pile of stones.

    Jules Henri Poincaré

  • Science does not answer all questions, but helps to understand the meaninglessness of many of them.

    Henryk Jagodzinski

  • No progress can be made separately in science and education without political progress.

    Schmidt O.

  • Impatience and dissatisfaction are necessary conditions of progress.

    Thomas Alva Edison

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    Boris Akunin

  • Information — oxygen of the modern world.

    Ronald Reagan

  • Necessity is the mother of all inventions..


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С Днем Энергетика
Dec 17, 2018 29

Поздравляем с ДНЁМ ЭНЕРГЕТИКА!

Поздравляем с праздником всех специалистов…
Warm welcome before the New Year
Dec 09, 2018 118

Warm welcome before the New…

Before the New Year, it is customary to sum up…
ITEK BBMV LLC is the best exporter of the Chelyabinsk region 2017
Dec 01, 2018 201

ITEK BBMV LLC is the best…

November 27, 2018 with the support of the…
200 000 valve blocks!
Nov 11, 2018 296

200 000 valve blocks!

In November, one of our customers received the…

БПИ-АКБИсточники питания для производственной автоматики, контрольно-измерительных приборов и т. д. — это известные устройства, которые выполняя свою функцию, имеют огромный недостаток.